Bayside Loyalty program


How Does it Work?

If you have previously registered, you do not need to do anything.

First, register in person.  We’ll need your phone number or use our new Biometric scanner at our checkout lanes.

Then you earn 5% Bayside Bucks on all the items listed.  Bayside Bucks accumulate over time as long as you enter your phone number or use our new Biometric scanner at checkout.

Accumulate $5 in value (5% x $100 = $5), then begin redeeming your Bayside Bucks on almost anything within the store or defer them for a later purchase.*

Ask your cashier for your current Bayside Bucks balance or view the total on the bottom of your receipt.

This reward program ends September 15th, 2019. All existing points expire on that date and a new program will start.

earn 5% Bayside Bonus Bucks on

  • Fresh Produce

  • Pork (From the Meat Market)

  • Hot Deli

  • Cold Deli

  • Bayside Fresh Pizzas

  • Salad Dressings

  • Condiments

  • Bakery Items

Spend the Bucks on almost anything!



Purchased Eligible Item Total x 5% = Bayside Bucks Dollar Value

Exclusive Email Offers:
Customers with a registered email address will occasionally receive easy to redeem digital coupons for up to 20% off future visits to Bayside Fresh Market.

  Register Today and Start Saving Money and Time!


*Accumulated Bayside Bucks for this program expire March 2019.  Reward items are subject to modification at any time. Bayside Bucks are redeemed as a dollar amount off of applicable items and may not be exchanged for cash. Redemption exclusions include beer, wine, gift cards and bottle deposits.