meat & seafood

At Bayside, our Meat & Seafood Department is committed to inspecting for the highest and freshest quality that is on the market. We are a full service department where you will always find someone there to assist with a custom request or to recommend a cooking tip.



Bayside offers premium selections of meat. We source meat from HeartBrand Beef. Bayside’s Meat Market also includes a wide range of pork products, including Ribs, Tenderloins, Pork Chops, and Bacon. Other Products we offer are Lamb, Quail, Veal, Osso Buco, and Bayside’s own Italian Sausage Blend and Houston Sausage Blend.

Bayside Fresh Market carries Heartbrand’s Akaushi Beef. HeartBrand’s Akaushi Beef’s unique and composition and ratio of healthy fats helps to lower cholesterol and support weight loss. HeartBrand’s Akaushi Beef is all natural and has no added hormones. The extraordinary health benefits stem from two features:  First, a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat. The American Heart Association notes this can lead to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease and weight loss. The Second is HeartBrand’s Akaushi Beef is a natural source of oleic acid, the compound found in olive oil that the USDA touts as good for the heart. Oleic acid is what gives Heartbrand’s Akaushi Beef it unique buttery taste.



Since the late 1800's Groomer’s Seafood has been known to procure and produce the highest quality of premium seafood. Through the generations, the art of supplying the best seafood in the world has been perfected and has built Groomer’s Seafood an extraordinary reputation. Across the nation, Groomers moves over 250 tons of fresh fish and seafood each month and has become one of the largest fresh seafood suppliers in the country.

Enjoy our fresh Scottish Salmon, our Jumbo Boiled Shrimp, or delicious Ruby Red Trout or one of many other fresh selections.  We also have over a dozen other selections available in our Frozen Section.



Bayside sells Bell and Evans air-chilled chicken .  Bell and Evans is a family owned business based in Fredricskburg, Pa. that has been raising chickens since 1890.  They are pioneers in “air chilled” chicken. Their 100% Air Chilled method eliminates the need for chlorinated ice water, so chickens’ natural juices never get diluted or replaced. But that’s not the only benefit.


  • Better flavor
  • More tender meat
  • No added water or chlorine
  • Reduced human handling
  • Less environmental waste

Bell & Evans is the first company to raise 100% of their flocks without antibiotics—from the egg throughout the chicken’s entire lifespan.  It all starts with what they do and don’t feed their chickens. From the moment they hatch in their Organic, Animal Welfare Focused Hatchery, Bell & Evans chicks enjoy an organic diet of corn, extruded and expeller-pressed soy beans, vitamins and mineral.